Where to eat Jingisukan? (成吉思汗,ジンギスカン)

This place is written as [ジンギスカン] in Japanese.

Jingisukan is a dish of lamb or mutton and vegetables grilled on a helmet-shaped pan. You eat them dipping in a soy-sauce-based sauce. There are many Jingisukan restaurants in the city of Sapporo, where they have an original sauce.

helmet-shaped pan

There is no relationship to Genghis Khan, the Mongol Emperor and Minamoto no Yoshitsune, the young brother of Minamoto no Yoritomo who was the Shogun of the Muromachi regime. Some people would say Jingisukan derived from Genghis Khan or Minamoto no Yoshitsune who went to Mongol and became to be an emperor of Mongol, Genghis Khan at that time. Of course, It’s not true.

A fatty meat is not for eating. It is for cooking.

There are two types of ordering, it is ‘eating as much as you like’ by a time limit or you order as you like by no time limit. Time-limit style is cheeper for people who eat more and more. Some restaurants serve other foods, chicken, poke and beef.

non-freezed lambs are very popular.

The most popular jingisukan restaurant are Sapporo Beer Garden and Asahi Beer Garden in Sapporo. Especially at Sapporo Beer Garden, there is Sapporo Beer Museum. You can recognize how Sapporo became to be the city of beer.

Lamb/mutton and vegetables are grilled together.



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