Asahi Beer Hokkaido Brewery in Sapporo: Easy Access By Subway

Asahi Beer Garden
This place is written as [アサヒビール北海道工場] in Japanese.

Asahi Beer Hokkaido Brewery (アサヒビール北海道工場) is located between Shiroishi subway station and Nangodori 7 chome station at the Tozai line. 5 minutes from the Exit no.2 of Nango 7 chome station it takes. There is the Hamanasu kan(はまなす館) where you have a jingisukan dish and beer. Because of Asahi Beer Hokkaido Brewery, it is right next side of Hamanasu kan, you can taste some fresh beers and barbecues(jingisukan).

Access to Asahi Beer Hokkaido Brewery

  • Take a Tozai line to Nangodori 7 chome and walk 5 min.

Open hours

11:30 – 21:30 closed: Dec, 31 – Jan,1



Getting around Asahi Beer Hokkaido Brewery

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