Tsurunuma Park in Urausu

Tsurunuma Park is located along the route 275. The has a small pond where you play with a rental boat or tennis.

The park also has the camping sites which is available for bungalow, car site and free tent sits.

Onsen and a restaurant are just next to the park. With a beautiful scenery you feel better doing nothing all day long.

There is Tsurunuma winery near here, it takes about 20 minutes by car. If you drive to the north Hokkaido, you may stay and rest here one night. 



The park office is over there. You are going to ask for camping available if you had no reservation.


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Tsurunuma pond. Tsuru means crane. It is said that there were many crane coming in the past. But now a days, no crane coming. 



Camp site is over there. 


After Tsurunuma Park, why don’t you go to Tsurunuma winery? 


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