Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade innovating new screens and shops 2015

This place is written as [狸小路商店街] in Japanese.

Tanukikoji shopping arcade is the oldest shopping arcade in Hokkaido.

If you want to know about more detail, see this article, “Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade(狸小路商店街), The oldest shopping mall in Sapporo“.

Tanukikoji innovated their facilities and shops. Tanukikoji is the place for old and new. This is the most interesting place for shopping and also sightseeing in Sapporo.

You would find something deep, in a way, Japanese cultures. This is a real Hokkaido and our town in Sapporo.


This is a TAX free shop of Sapporo Drug Store. A small shop, not so many items. If you want to see more, you should go to other Sapporo Drug Store. 


tanukikoji20150911-6 Kokumin is another popular drug store located in Tanukikoji 3 chome.

tanukikoji20150911-7 Aoyama is a shop for mens cloths, especially for business man.


tanukikoji20150911-9 Subway is here, Tanukikoji 3 chome.


This is so called ‘Matsukiyo’.

tanukikoji20150911-11 This is Tax-free Seven Eleven. 

tanukikoji20150911-12 Super blade shop Miyabun is located in Tanukikoji 2 chome. See article for Miyabun, Miyabun (Super Blade Shop) in Tanukikoji 2 Chome.

Miyabun is a really nice knife and blade shop.

tanukikoji20150911-13 This is a super market for retail store like a IKEYA, you can buy anything here too. 

tanukikoji20150911-14 All drug stores in Tanukikoji are TAX free.

tanukikoji20150911-15 Cute owls are here, in  VEGAS Pachinko shop.



tanukikoji20150911-18 This is a souvenir shop for foreign visitors. It must be a new shop?

tanukikoji20150911-19 Wego is a very popular for young fashion because of reasonable price. This is good!

tanukikoji20150911-21 Big Boss is the biggest guitar shop in Hokkaido. They deals custom and handmade guitars.

tanukikoji20150911-23 Workman Nagai is a shop for worker’s clothes and Matsuri(Japanese traditional festival) clothes. Try to see the inside. Really fun!