Miyabun (Super Blade Shop) in Tanukikoji 2 Chome

This is the main branch of Miyabun. They have some branchs in Sapporo and other cities, such as Obihiro and Chitose.  They are deeling a wide range of tools from nail cutter to Japanese swords in these shops.

Miyabun was founded in 1927, so it is the oldest warehouse shop in Sapporo selling knives and blades. You will find one you like. All kind of tools and all purposes from house-cooking to professionals are there. Nihonto(日本刀) for souvenir is available.

Especially Miyabun in Tanuki-koji, they display many kind of knives made in Japan or over seas and of course original knives which are really nice and have good quality. Every staffs has deep and wide professional knowledge for kitchen knife and swords.

It is said that Miyabuns’ kitchen knife is loved by many of Sapporo’s chefs. This is one of the best souvenir for Sapporo staying. Enjoy Miyabun.


  • Tanukikoji 2 Chome
  • From Odori station: 8 min walk
  • From Susukino station: 5 min walk


  • Tanukikoji
  • Odori Park
  • Nijo Fish Market
  • Susukino

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2 thoughts on “Miyabun (Super Blade Shop) in Tanukikoji 2 Chome

  1. Hi,

    Do you ship to NZ?
    I bought a Miyabun knife in Sapporo and woudl like to buy another one. I would like a molybdenum vanadium stainless steel 180. Please email me the cost if this is possible. Thank you

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