Ryu-unkaku(龍雲閣) in Shizunai, opened in Sakura Festival

This place is written as [龍雲閣] in Japanese.

Ryu-unkaku(龍雲閣) is located at the end of Nijyukkendoro Sakura Namiki(Cherry-blossoms road). You can park at Ryu-unkaku.

Ryu-unkaku is built for Emperor Taisho staying in Shizunai and some imperial families staying here. Emperor Showa also stayed.


Ryu-unkaku is opened to public while Shizunai Sakura Festival. If you have enough time, you should go there.


You can see inside the building for free admission, but you can donate for its restoration. The building is so damaged that needs some restorations.


There are some exhibitions such as paintings, Sho(書,penmanship) and implements. Two Byobu(屏風),folding screens are here which were painted by Kano Tanyu(狩野探幽), Japanese famous painter in the early Edo era. He was the great leader of Kano School.


These painting are very damaged and need restorations I think.


There is little building around here, but many stables were built for producing war-horses in the Taisho and the early Showa era.