Oshinkoshin-no-taki Waterfall in Shiretoko

Oshinkoshin-no-taki Waterfall in Shiretoko
This place is written as [オシンコシンの滝] in Japanese.

This is well known as ‘the twin beauties’ fall’, due to folking into two parts on the half-way down. You’ll see the exciting waterfall at the side-step of the fall. From the observatory at the top of the waterfall, you can also see a view of the Okhotsk Sea and the Shiretoko mountain range which are especially dramatic in winter with the drift-ice covering the sea, so it is white as far as the eye can reach. Oshinkoshin Waterfall has been designated in the “The 100 Major Waterfalls of Japan”.



  • 35 buses
  • 35 cars


  • Available, including wheelchair access


  • A store available.

photo by DO PHOTO