Niseko Grand Hotel

This place is written as [ニセコグランドホテル] in Japanese.

There is a mixed bathing here which is a outdoor hot spring. If you don’t like it, there are bath rooms for women and men only. A open hot spa is mixed bathing widely opened to air which is very nice and comfortable. For women, there is a hot spa wear like a bathrobe for mixed bath. This is very popular for locals and tourists.

Tips: Kanro Spring Water

There is spring water for drinking in front of the hotel over the road. It is called Kanro no Mizu(甘露の水), which means sweet spring water. When Emperor Showa came here and drunk it, he said, “This water is very sweet”. That’s why people say this spring water Kanro no Mizu, Kanro spring water. People might get the spring by pet bottles and plastic tank. The hotel serves it for free at the lobby of the hotel. You can drink there, too.