Mt.Asahidake, climbing the top, the highest mountain in Hokkaido vol.2

Leaving Sugatami station, I walked to Sugatami no Ike(姿見の池) through the right side footpath. It takes 30 minutes. You can chose two walking courses, the right and the left one. If you are not about to climb the top, you might go to the left course. You will see some ponds;Mangetsu Numa(満月沼),Suribachi Ike(摺鉢池), Kagami Ike(鏡池) . There are five observation platforms between Sugatami station to Sugatami no Ike(姿見の池). It takes about 1 hour for the left course. If you have no enough time to stay, you would go to Sugatami no Ike(姿見の池) only.


asahidake-2asahidake-3asahidake-4The path to the pond where you will see some alpine plants that is really lovely. Also you will see the remaining snow.

asahidake-7Walking for 30 minutes, you will get to Sugatami no Ike(姿見の池). Sugatami means reflecting oneself that is the pond reflecting Mt.Asahidake.

asahidake-6asahidake-8This area is called Kamuimintara in Ainu that means the garden that gods take walk.


asahidake-11Leaving Sugatami no Ike, go for the top. It might takes 2 hours and over for average person.

asahidake-13This is the sixth station, 1800m.

asahidake-14asahidake-15asahidake-16The views form the slope are nice and beautiful with clear sky.

asahidake-17This is the seventh station, 1930m. As very slippy and tight slope, I had some breaks and took some green tea. People say that Mt.Asahidake is for beginners to climb. I don’t believe it.


asahidake-20The hardest way to the eighth station from the seventh station. This is the 8th station.

asahidake-21asahidake-22asahidake-23I could recognize people on the top from here. Almost there.

asahidake-24The cone shaped slope of the mountain makes the strong upper winds that made me cold even if the weather was nice and hot.

asahidake-25 asahidake-26

asahidake-27Over 2 hours left from Sugatami station. I got to the 9th station at last. But it was not the end and the top of the mountain.


asahidake-34Really nice view from here. It is seamed that the rectangle rock is called ‘Strongbox rock’, but a faked strongbox rock is also here. Indeed, this rock is faked strongbox rock. The down way is right side of the faked strongbox rock.

asahidake-32This is ‘Strongbox rock’ that is located upper the faked one. The right side of the rock is quite a tight slope. If the weather condition is bad, you down to the left side from this rock.

asahidake-30 asahidake-31 
I got the top finally.

asahidake-35Great views were waiting me. This is the view behind Mt.Asahidake. You can’t see these great views without standing on the top.


asahidake-39 asahidake-40_D7K1605 _D7K1588 _D7K1676 _D7K1667 _D7K1665 _D7K1664 _D7K1657 _D7K1648 _D7K1641 _D7K1654

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