Matsuri Fashion And Items By Matsuriya Nagai In Tanukikoji 1 Chome

This place is written as [祭屋永井] in Japanese.

There are many specialty stores for every kinds of products in Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade. Matsuriya Nagai used to be a specialty shop selling items and clothes for construction-workers, which are unique Japanese classical construction-workers fashion. They still deal in them, of course by the shop’s name as Workman Nagai. But in Japanese Festival called ‘Matsuri’, people are used to put on the same clothes as construction-workers, so that Nagai became to sell worker’s fashion as Matsuri items and goods.

In Sapporo, there are many Matsuris such as Hokkaido Shrine annual festival, Yosakoi Soran Festival and local shrine festival. Japanese really like Matsuri and some Matsuri will be held in elsewhere in Japan through the year. Matsuriya Nagai is the only shop in Hokkaido which sell Matsuri goods. There are items and clothes for children, which may be suitable for souvenir. This is the shop worth visiting. Enjoy Japanese Matsuri and their soul.


  • Tanukikoji 1 Chome
  • From Odori station: 8 min walk
  • From Susukino station: 5 min walk