Matsumae house

This place is written as [松前藩屋敷] in Japanese.

This is a theme park about Matsumae in the Edo era. You can experience the old Matsumae town and cultures.

There are 14 buildings that open to public. Kimono dress-up is available for a charge, also other events and crafts for souvenir are there.

It takes 30 to 60 minutes for looking.


  • 9:00 – 17:00 (last enter: 16:30)


  • The end of November – the beginning of April


  • Take a JR train at Hakodate to Kikonai(木古内) and transfer a bus to Matsushiro(松城) and walk 20 minutes.

Admission Fee

  • Adult: 360 yen
  • Under junior high school: 240 yen
  • infant: free
  • 0139-43-2439

The Ryokan, Japanese style hotel in the Edo period.

KImonos and several equipments are exhibited.

Japanese shoes called ‘Geta(下駄)’, ‘Setta(雪駄)’ and ‘Zori(草履)’.

A Japanese traditional chasher called ‘Choba(帳場)’.


A craft man demonstrating to make a traditional fabric.

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