Local Archive Museum of Hakodate, Hakodate Kyodo Shiryokan(函館郷土資料館)

This place is written as [函館郷土資料館] in Japanese.

The building was constructed in 1880 as Kanamori import goods shop and it was restored for the museum. The building is the oldest one which Kaitakuchi(Colonization Commission) constructed with fire-prevention bricks.

The style is mixed with Western and Japanese, so that this is one of the most important architectural structure at the Meiji era in Hokkaido. It is designated as tangible cultural properties of Hokkaido. The outstanding item is the music box which is placed near the entrance door.

The founder of Kanamori Import Shop, Kumashiro Watanabe bought it in Genova, Italy when he traveled to Europe. This is made in Switzerland and the only one existing music box in Japan. There is the sound, which was recorded in the museum. The scenery of counter and dealing room at the Meiji era is displayed on the first floor. You can understand what kind of import goods they are selling. On the second floor, there is a diorama of shopping street in the Meiji era and many photographs in 1888. Ice cream machine and a stove used by German. This is the museum that shows the age of Meiji and worth visiting.


  • April to Octover 9:00 – 19:00
  • November to March 9:00 – 17:00


  • Monday, the last Friday of the month, holiday
  • Dec, 31 to January, 3

Admission Fee

  • Adult: ¥100
  • Student/Child: ¥50


  • Take a tram to Suehiro Cho and 1 min walk.