Itasha, not meaning a Italian car, it’s a kind of Otaku Culture at Kitamae Sapporo Manga Anime Festival 2014

Itasha party
This place is written as [札幌芸術の森] in Japanese.


Itasha(痛車) is composed by two words. ‘Ita'(痛) means hurt or painful and ‘Sha'(車) means car. Then, Itasha refers to a car that looks like painful or terrible to see. Also it is too absurd to drive.



Every owners are aware of their situation and what they are doing self-tormenting things. But, that is the most important things that they are really enjoying those situation and their cars’ looks. This is called one of the sub-culture in Japan such as Manga, Anime by Otaku(おたく), a kind of geek.



They mostly feature some girls from Manga character which is called ‘Moe-kei'(萌え系). Moe means sprouting or fascinating. Kei refers to series or style. Which characters they choose are up to their own favorites even if they are not major one. Rather minor one is better for them. It is more valuable for Otaku people.



I found a hand-written Itasha which features ‘Ginga-Tetsudo 999’, Galaxy Express 999(銀河鉄道999) by Reiji Matsumoto. It is almost a TV animation and Manga more thant 30 years ago. That was very popular in Japan. It is still alive! Most of Itasha are put up sheets by printer which digital sources are prepared by PC, maybe copy and paste. But he did not. His hand writing works are outstanding for me in spite of its featuring characters. He must be a beautiful Otaku completely.



A gun figure in front of a head light. Both side are settled.



This is a figure of Maetel, one of the important character of Galaxy Express 999. Also it is the Galaxy Express 999.



He told me, ‘It is not enough time for me to paint up. I have to bring my car to Toya(Maybe another Itasha show) after this festival. So I am keep painting here today all day long.’ Good luck to him.



This is a figure of Queen Emeraldus, I guess.



A lot of Itashas were getting together. These message must be important for owner.



Of course, a Itasha mortor cycle. This is Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa, a super bike, I love it.



This is cute!



Many visitors were taking photos.

Contents of Kitamae Sapporo Manga Anime Festival 2014

  • A live concert of anime songs
  • Kosupure/cosplay —Kospure or cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from manga, anime or some other video game source. The word derives from ‘costume play’. Originating in Japan, the practice of kosupure has spread to many other countries.
  • Itasha display —Itasha is the customized car as the same style of manga or anime.
  • Manga and Anime work shop for young creaters

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The open stage in Sapporo Art Park

Date and Hours

  • Sep, 13, 14, 15
  • 10:00-20:00


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