Sapporo Art Park

Sculptures in the forest

Sapporo Art Park
Sapporo Art Park

The south side of Sapporo, it is located in Minami-ku(南区). Sapporo Art Park is so distant from Sapporo Central Area that people usually go there by car. For that reason, it seems less crowded during the week. You can enjoy hiking with many sculptures even if in winter.



  • 9:45 to 17:00 (Jun to Aug: 17:30)

Subway & Bus

  • Take the Nanboku Line(南北線) to Makomanai.(真駒内駅).
  • Take a Chuō Bus at NO.2 depot.(2番) All the buses stop at Sapporo Art Park. It takes about 14 min.
  • Get off the bus at ‘Geijyutsu no mori iriguchi‘.(芸術の森入口
Important When you get on a bus any time,  Take a ‘Seiriken’ 整理券 which is a ticket indicating the bus fare zone. The tiny ticket is served at the right of the door entrance. Don’t miss it.


One-time ticket(Subway included Bus) : Your fare is different from the subway station you get on.

For instance, a fare below from Sapporo St.

  • Adult: ¥410 (¥420 from 2014/10/01) Child: ¥210
  • Important: You have to pay Ajust Fare when you get off showing ‘Seiriken’. Cash only.
  • Adult: ¥80  Child: ¥40

One-time ticket(Only Bus)

  • Adult: ¥290 Child: ¥150
  • One-Day Card(共通1DAYカード)see about One-Day Card. This is a discount card for a day.
  • Important: You have to pay Ajust Fare when you get off showing ‘Seiriken’. Cash only.
  • Adult: ¥240  Child: ¥120


These fare are generally in case of NO traffic jam.

  • From Sapporo station: ¥4,000(30min)
  • From Makomanai station: ¥1,700(10min)

Pacific Music Festival (PMF)

July 12–August 7, 2014 see details of PMF

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