Hitsujigaoka Snow Park, Winter Activities and Events in Hitsujigaoka, Sapporo

This place is written as [羊ヶ丘展望台] in Japanese.

This is the annual winter event held at Hitsujigaoka. If you’re looking to experience winter activities in Sapporo, why not visit?

All activities are free and the event runs from the beginning of January to the beginning of March every year.

For an admission fee, you can enjoy all the activities. You can also take in the view of Sapporo from Hitsujigaoka, making it easy to experience winter activities unique to snowy regions.

This place has good public transportation access, so there’s no need to come by rental car. It’s not recommended for beginners to drive on Sapporo’s winter roads, as it can be very dangerous. We highly recommend using buses or taxis instead. It’s a perfect spot for enjoying with children.

What kind of clothing should I wear?

If you plan to fully enjoy playing in the snow, it’s best to wear waterproof clothing such as ski wear that can withstand getting wet.

However, if you’re just trying it out briefly, a warm coat like a down jacket will suffice.

For activities like building mini snowmen where you’ll be in contact with snow for extended periods, waterproof gloves are essential.

Additionally, wearing a hat, ear warmers, a scarf, and shoes designed for walking on slippery snow will ensure you can have a safe and enjoyable time.

If you’re visiting from an area without snow, it’s recommended to purchase these items at a home center or large supermarket like DCM Homac or drug stores in Hokkaido after you arrive.

Rental Equipment

Equipment such as tubes, sleds, skis, ski boots, and poles for each activity are available for free rental. You can come empty-handed and enjoy your time. However, please note that cold weather gear such as ski wear and gloves are not available for rental, so please bring your own.

Rest Area and Museums

If you’re feeling a bit tired from playing or need to warm up due to the chilly weather, there are restaurants and souvenir shops available. Additionally, there are museums such as the Dr. William S. Clark Memorial Hall, commemorating the precursor to Hokkaido University, and a museum featuring information about the Sapporo Snow Festival. So, if the weather turns bad, visiting here for sightseeing is also a good option.


From 9:00 AM to around 5:00 PM, there are buses running every hour to three times an hour to the nearest Fukuzumi subway station. This allows you to easily come and play using only public transportation.

From Sapporo Station, it takes about 13 minutes to Fukuzumi Station (the terminal station). After arriving at Fukuzumi Station, take the Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill-bound bus (Fukuzumi Station Bus Terminal, Platform 4) on the Fuk84 Hitsujigaoka Line(福84羊ヶ丘線), which takes approximately 10 minutes to reach the observation hill.


  • Early January – early March
  • 10:00-16:00


  • all free for rental equipments and others for making snowman


  • cross country ski
  • 80m tube slider
  • Snow Strider (age: 2-5 years only)
  • making snowman
  • Snow slide
  • and more…

Access and Other information


see this page: A Vast Expanse of Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill, Sapporo


Cross country ski course for beginners

making a small snowman. All equipments and decorations are free.

Snow strider for infant

80m long tube slider

Sheep house
Ashiyu which warms your feet. Towel is sold for 100 yen with vender.

looking at Sapporo Dome