TAX FREE Drugstore Tour In Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade


For Shopping Geeks looking for cosmetics and daily goods, we are going to show you A Drugstore Tour in Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade. Don Quijote(ドン・キホーテ), Sundrug(サンドラッグ), KOKUMIN(コクミン), Matsumoto Kiyoshi/Matsukiyo(マツモトキヨシ/マツキヨ),COCOKARA FINE(ココカラファイン) are gathering from Tanukikoji 1 chome to 3 chome. It is so convenient for travelers to look for what they want one after another. Every stores are TAX FREE.

3 Chome

KOKUMIN(コクミン), Matsumoto Kiyoshi/Matsukiyo(マツモトキヨシ/マツキヨ)

2 Chome


1 Chome

COCOKARA FINE(ココカラファイン) Nijoichiba is just in front of east-side of Tanukikoji 1 chome. You can enjoy some marine foods such as Kegani, Salmon, and so on.


  • 8 min walk from Odori station or 5 min walk from Susukino Station.

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