Winter Activities in Sapporo Satoland

This place is written as [さっぽろさとらんど] in Japanese.

Attention: Satoland will be closed from Nov.4 to Mar.31.2020 due to large-scale repair work. The all facilities and events are closed. (updated on 2019.10.18)

Sapporo Satoland is located in Okadama, north-east of Sapporo city, south-west of Moere Park. It is the theme park about agriculture. There are many experiential and educational programs such as making butter, Tofu, sausage, Miso and so on. In the winter, out-door activities are held in the park which are tube-slider, Banana-boat pulled by snowmobile and sightseeing vehicle by tractor. They are very familiar to little children and their parents.




  • Take a Toho line to Kanjo-dori-Higashi and transfer Chuo bus no.61(中沼小学校道り) to Okadama High School(丘珠高校前) , walk 10 min.
  • Take a Nanboku line to Kita 34 Jo and transfer Chuo bus no.76(中沼小学校道り) to Okadama High School(丘珠高校前) , walk 10 min.
  • Take a Nanboku line to Shindo Higashi and transfer Chuo bus no.76(中沼小学校道り) to Okadama High School(丘珠高校前) , walk 10 min.

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Sapporo Satoland(サッポロさとらんど)

31 thoughts on “Winter Activities in Sapporo Satoland”

  1. Hi, we will be in Sapporo on the 19th November 2019. May I know activities will be available during that time At satoland?

    1. Hi, Coen

      Unfortunately, Satoland will be closed from Nov.4 to Mar.31.2020 due to repair work. There is no activity in the center building.
      The gate will be also closed.

    1. Hi,Bing

      They have a Christmas event on Sunday 17th, Dec.

      There is no winter activity in this month.

  2. hi
    i m intended to travel to satoland during 3 dec to 5 dec, just would like to know will it be open during this period. And what type of activities will be available during that period?



    1. Hi,Tina

      Satoland opens all the year around. Winter Activities in Satoland,2018 will be announced in the beginning of January,2018.

    1. I think there would be no activities for kids in December. Most activities for kids will be held in January and February.

  4. Many winter activities will make you happy in Satoland except Monday. It would be day-off.
    Have a nice vacation in Hokkaido!

    1. Sorry I didn’t quick reply. I’ve revised Satoland’s post. See winter schedule of Satoland.

  5. Do you have the satoland winter activities opening and closing dates for 2017? I would be in sapporo from 3 to 11 March 2017.

  6. Hello,
    May I know how to get back to subway via chuo bus no.61? Do I get on the bus stop where I got off or do I line up on the bus stop on the other side of the road?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. I plan to go to Satoland and take chuo bus no.61, but I do not know how to get back to 環状通東駅. Thanks!

    2. Hi,David.

      Japanese traffic lane is left side which you expected. Then you have to get a bus via Kanjodori higashi station other side.
      You’ll find the bus stop in the same side as Sapporo satoland.

    1. Hi,Jessica

      Yes,Satoland opens from 14 to 17, Jan 2016.
      But Winter activities such as Tube sledge, Tracter train, Banana board riding and so on, are available only on Saturday, Sunday and holiday.

      So, you should go there on 16 or 17 if you would like to enjoy winter activities.

      Good luck!

    1. Thanks for your reply. I just checked for directions with hotel and the front desk said satoland will be closed tomorrow, sat, 5 December. Can you confirm if it will be opened before I make this trip pls? Thanks so much for your help

    2. Satoland opens on Saturday,5th Dec and Sunday, 6th Dec. But unfortunately they don’t have any winter activities. Winter activities will start from 6th Jan 2016.
      You should go other place, because there is not much snow in Sapporo and around due to recent rainy weather.

  7. Hi,

    Please advise if SATOLAND open on 11th Jan, 2016 (Monday) which is a Public Holiday. We are a group of 24pax from Malaysia and wanted to go there.

    Thanks and Regards

    1. Hi, Belinda
      What does 24pax mean? Is it a number of peoples or something? How many days will you stay in Sapporo?

      Because there would be some choices you can take. Do you want to take your time in Satoland all day long? Or, you have other plan on the same day, 11th Jan?
      I think my advice depends on the plan and time which you can spend.

    2. Hi,

      Thanks for your prompt reply.
      We are a group of 24 passengers and we are on a pre-arranged tour and have very limited time to visit SATOLAND which is on 11th Jan (Public Holiday in Japan). Please check and advise if SATOLAND open for business on that day.

    3. Hi, Belinda

      Satoland will be opened on 11th Jan. They have some winter activities and programs which are tube sledge, Banana boat, Tractor train, cross country ski and so on. Some are free and others are small fare from 100 yen to 300 yen.

      These activities will be held on Saturday, Sunday and holiday in winter. Fortunately on 11th Jan is Japanese holiday called ‘Seijin no hi'(成人の日),Coming‐of‐Age Day. You can enjoy several winter attractions that’s really fun.

      Good luck!

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