Where to look at Marathon and Race Walk in Sapporo of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Game

This place is written as [東京2020オリンピック マラソン・競歩コース] in Japanese.

What a big surprise and a big gift to Sapporo. Marathon and Race Walk of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Game makes Sapporo citizens hot.

It is said that hotels which is alongside the road of the marathon course has been already full. But you want to look at top runners who are so prominent  and gathering all over the world.

We show you the course and places you should look at. Most part of course are in the central of Sapporo. We can cheer athletes as standing alongside the road. That is a big fun of this summer in 2020.

Now we are checking and scrutinizing the course by walking through all the course, so that we will show you where to look and the best or better places you can find. Also we tell you where to be crowded.

Please check this page and see you later.