Eco and Fun: VELOTAXI Sapporo

This place is written as [ベロタクシー 札幌] in Japanese.

Velotaxi has been developed as a bicycle taxi in Berlin Germany, 1997 for the transportation system as a short distance.

Velo Taxi in Odori

Not only for supplement of public transportation, Velotaxi has various roles for an environmental problem, aging problem, regional vitalization and employment issue. This novelty concept of Velotaxi has been wide spreading all over the world with the cooperation of transporters, advertisement partners, drivers, local people and administrations. Velotaxi is going to be very popular at events and parades. You can enjoy Sapporo downtown by 10 km/h speed.



  • April to October

Open hour

  • 10:00 – sunset
  • closed on a rainy day.

Velotaxi Fare

  • Adult: ¥300 (up to 500 meters, ¥50/100meters)
  • Child(elementary school, almost 12 years old): ¥150 (up to 500 meters, ¥30/100meters)
  • Chartered: ¥2,000/30min per 1 velotaxi,  ¥3,000/60min per 1 velotaxi


  • 2 people (3 people available include one child)
VELO taxi waiting for you

 Reservation of Velotaxi

  • 011-788-5480

You can get a Velotaxi around Odori Park. That’s really fun! This is worth riding. see Business area of VELOTAXI below. Velotaxi business area