Uryunuma Marsh, the paradise of alpine plants

This place is written as [雨竜沼湿原] in Japanese.

Uryunuma Marsh is located in the Shokanbetsu Teuri Yagishiri semi-National Park(暑寒別天売焼尻国定公園), the northwest of Hokkaido, the foot of Mt.Minami-Shokanbetsu-Dake(南暑寒別岳). This is one of the most famous marsh for alpine plants in Japan.

To the gate, the entrance of Mt.Minami-Shokanbetsu-Dake and Uryunuma marsh, it takes 50 minutes from Uryu town by car. No buses or public transportation.

There are a park office and a mountain lodge at the gate. You should stay at the mountain lodge if you try to mount Mt.Minami-Shokanbetsu-Dake in the early morning that takes 7 hours for round-trip. You have to pay 500 yen per person for climbing as keeping the protection of the environment at the office. Under high school student, it is free.

To Uryunuma marsh, it takes 2 hours and another 30 minutes to the observation hill from the marsh. And more 1 hour and 15 minutes from the observation hill to the top of Mt.Minami-Shokanbetsu-Dake.

You will see Mt.Shokanbetsu-Dake in front of Mt.Minami-Shokanbetsu-Dake, where it takes another 2 hours and 30 minutes from there. So most people return here to the gate park that you started.


  • 3 hours from Sapporo by car via Hokkaido Expressway.
  • 3 hours 20 minutes from Sapporo by car.
  • 50 minutes from Uryu town by car.

Gate Park OfficeYou have to submit a notification for mountain climbing at the office.

Minami-Shokanbetsu lodgeIf you try to Mt.Minami-Shokanbetsu-Dake, you would stay here. 1,000 yen per night. It is very reasonable isn’t it.

Mt.MaruyamaThe entrance road, you will see the trapezoid mountain called Mt.Maruyama that is 853 meters and the same height of Uryunuma Marsh.

The first bridge

This is the first bridge, just starting for climbing. The road is still wide and easy walking.

Climbing1The path is going to be narrow and rugged.

Hakuryu-no-taki fallThis is the Hakuryu-no-Taki fall.

The second bridgeYou will find the second bridge and you reach almost half.

half wayFrom here, the path is going to be very steep.

steep way

take a brakeYou can see a nice view taking a brake.






left:Mt.Minami-Shokanbetsu-Dake, right: Mt.Shokanbetsu-Dake.



Uryunuma Marsh is about 850 meters hight. This is the real paradise.