UNIQLO Sapporo Station Area has moved to Tokyu department-store

This place is written as [ユニクロ] in Japanese.

UNIQLO Sapporo Tokyu has opened on September 9th 2023 after closing UNIQLO Sapporo ESTA in the end of August 2023.

Tokyu department store is also one of the oldest department and its building. ESTA building will be renewed the biggest building for composite facilities including hotel, bus-terminal, shopping areas and so on.

The new building are supposed to open in 2030 with opening new Sapporo Station for extended Hokkaido Shinkansen. It’s the long time story…

New UNIQLO store would be temporarily located in this building. The Tokyu department building is supposed to be also closed and scrapped after opening the new building. Now that Sapporo is changing and renewing to the Shinkansen coming.

UNIQLO Sapporo has been aiming community close marketing in Sapporo. Also targeting more generations, genders and global countries.

UNIQLO is located on all the 7th floor of Tokyu including GU brand. 3 minutes from the south entrance of Sapporo Station, just in front of there. Underground access is available.

You can get 1hour free parking ticket buying more than 2,000 yen.