Shishamo Sushi in Mukawa

Mukawa is famous for its marine product, Shishamo (Spirinchus lanceolatus) which live only Pacific coast of Hokkaido. It is so precious that only two months are able to fish from October to the middle of November.

The form of Shishamo will be changing during its fishing term. The beginning of October, Shishamo has much fat inside its body but female fish have little eggs. In the middle of fishing term, eggs will be fatty and bold. Its surface is going to be red which is called nuptial color.

In the end of fishing term, the color is going to be more dark and male fishes have black pattern on its surface. Eggs are going to be fatty and good food feeling.

That’s why the form of shishamo is changing day by day and Mukawa’s Shishamo is so precious. 

Ohno-shoten is a very famous to sale Shishamo. The long line of customers is supposed to be to outside.

10 shishamo package for 1300 – 1500 yen. Not reasonable price but you can’t get and taste any other place. Some exclusive department store could sell them, of course the price is higher than here.

How about Shishamo Sushi?

2000 yen sushi in a sushi restaurant Taihou Zushi (大豊寿司).

What do you think it is reasonable or not?

Red eggs topping sushi consist of precious shishamo egg. You can eat them in this short season.