Sapporo Snow Festival FAQ

Q: When will the festival start?

A:It will start on 5th February 2015 and ends on 11th Feb. It is held for a week. Most of all snow statues and sculptures are completed a week ago, but you can’t enter over the fence to the front of statues.

Q: How cold is it?

A: It depends on the weather at that time. Usually it is said that the period of Sapporo Snow Festival, the beginning of February is the coldest days in winter in not only Sapporo and also Hokkaido. The average temperature is to be under -5.8 centi degrees.

Q: What kind of clothes should I wear?

A: You would be staying outdoor for a long time, so that you should put on a long‐sleeved shirt, sweater and long down coat or Ski Jacket would be better. Plus a warm pants or slacks is nice and helpful. If you don’t have it, get them at UNIQLO or discount shop for sports wear shop like a Xebio.

Q: What kind of shoes should I put on?

A: All roads are in very slippy condition, it is better for you to put on snow trekking shoes with cold resistance.

Q: What is a helpful item?

A: Tissues, which are sometimes passed on the street. Get them all! More, a portable body warmer called ‘Kairo=カイロ’ is very nice and helpful. You can get one at Drugstore like Tsuruha, Sapporo Drug Store, Ains, Matsumotokiyoshi, Sun Drug or convenience store.

Q: Is there any admission fee?

A: NO. All sites are free except some attractions at Tsudome or foods on the booth.   Other Qestions? Ask us. Comments are welcome.   Sapporo Snow Festival 2015 Official leaflet PDF

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