Rock Balancing Art in Heiwanotaki

Heiwanotaki fall is the entrance to Mt.Teine. Many peoples are coming here and climb to the aspect. 1,023 meters height, not so heighter, but it is not easy to get the top. The first stage to the Fushiki-no-taki fall is almost a slight gradient. After that, steep hillside wait for you and the final stage, you will find a craggy place. It usually takes 2 hours and half.

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You can enjoy Heiwanotaki without going top. 20 minutes after the entrance of Heiwanotaki, you will see a small dam fall. You can down on the narrow path to the river side. You will find out a lot of stone balancing on a big stone everywhere. Someone might leave them on the way of climb up or down.

This is so nice, isn’t it?

This is our first experience for Rock Balancing Art. It is well known by balance artist Michael Grab. We do the same as him, but it is difficult to shape and heap up stones as good balance.

center stones by myself

No one did like Michael Grab, he is genius!