Otaru Citizen Noh(おたる市民能): Tadanobu and Boshibari

This place is written as [小樽公会堂] in Japanese.

This is a Noh program for novice audience who are not familiar to. The Noh program is performed by Otaru citizens with a cooperation of Noh school, So the concept is for intelligibly showing one to those who don’t know the style of Noh. Noh is the oldest drama performing art n Japan which was formed by Kanami and Zeami.

Noh Programs

Noh(能):Tadanobu(忠信) Hojsho School(宝生流)

Kyogen(狂言):棒縛り(Boushibari) Izumi School(和泉流)

Aug, 30 2014

  • 16:00 open
  • 16;00 start


  • Adults: ¥2500
  • Students: ¥1500
  • no enter under 6 years old


  • the former Okazaki house Noh-Butai, Otaru city Kokaido
  • hanazono 5-2-1, Otaru