Matsumae and Hakodate announced Sakura Blooming on April 19 and 21, 2015

Here is the annual cherry blossom report. Cherry blossoms have finally arrived in Hokkaido!

The 2015 cherry blossom announcements were made in Matsumae on April 19th and in Hakodate on April 21st.

It was forecasted that the blossoms in Hokkaido would bloom earlier than usual this year, likely due to the effects of climate warming.

In Hakodate, the most famous cherry blossom viewing spot is undoubtedly Goryokaku Park. About 1,500 Somei Yoshino cherry trees are planted here. Other notable cherry blossom spots in Hakodate include Hakodate Park at the foot of Mount Hakodate, Motomachi Reservoir (right next to the base station of the Hakodate Ropeway), and Hakodate Hachiman Shrine, among various locations throughout the city.

When it comes to cherry blossoms in Matsumae, Matsumae Castle is the place to be. The magnificent collaboration of the castle and cherry blossoms is a sight to behold. You can enjoy about 8,000 cherry trees while strolling around the temples surrounding the castle. The Naden variety of cherry blossom is famous in Matsumae, and various types of cherry blossoms bloom successively for about a month. It’s a place where you can enjoy cherry blossoms for a long period, with the Matsumae Cherry Blossom Festival lasting for about a month.

Full bloom is expected this weekend in both Matsumae and Hakodate.

If you have plans to visit southern Hokkaido, don’t miss these cherry blossom spots. Especially Matsumae, which is one of the 100 famous and beautiful cherry blossom spots in Japan.