Kitanomine Ski Area in Furano, Kitanomine Zone of Furano Ski Area

This is the north part of Furano Ski Area called “Kitanomine Zone” where is the nearest ski area from Furano station.

This is one of the best ski area as well as Niseko and the world famous one. More than 30 years ago, FIS World Cup Alpine Ski Competition had been held here every year. It is very nice and powder snow like Niseko. So to speak, almost every ski area in Hokkaido has powder snow not only Niseko.

Backcountry ski is available. Then it is increasing accidents by tourists who are not familiar to local weather and geographical location.

The exquisite view from the top of mountain makes people fascinated dramatically.


Car from Sapporo

If you are not familiar to drive in Hokkaido or in case of snowy weather, you should take the course of Takikawa I.C. and route 38 when you are coming from Sapporo.

Mikasa route is not good for tourists and novice drivers in winter. You have to rent a 4WD car like SUBARU. This is a kind of tough course in the midst of winter. 

  • Take DO-O Express way to Takikawa I.C. and route 38. It takes about 2 hours 20 minutes.
  • Take DO-O Express way to Mikasa I.C. and route 452, route 135, route 38. It takes about 2 hours.

Car from Asahikawa

  • Take route 237. It takes 1 hour 25 minutes.

Car from Obihiro

  • Take route 38. It takes 2 hours 25 minutes.

JR Train

Get a taxi from Furano JR Station. It costs about 1,700 yen and 10 minutes.

  • Take a train for Asahikawa at Sapporo St. and transfer at Takikawa. It takes 2 hours.
  • It takes 60 minutes from Asahikawa.
  • It takes 2 hours 30 minutes from Obihiro.


Furano Bus from Asahikawa Airport, which takes 1 hour 20 munites.

You can see the beautiful view of Tokachi mountain range