KappaLiner(かっぱライナー号):Non-stop Bus from New Chitose Airport to Jozankei

From New Chitose AirPort to Jozankei Onsen: 100 minutes

Adult: 1,800 yen, Child: 900 yen Ticket: New Chitose Air Port Hokuto Kotsu Bus Information Center or in a bus you get on. Tel: 011-375-6000(Hokuto Kotsu)

  • New Chitose Air Port Domestic Terminal No.21 depot: 14:00
  • International Terminal No.85 depot: 14:02
  • Minami Chitose(南千歳): 14:06
  • Koganeyu(小金湯)
  • Shiraitono Taki(白糸の滝)
  • Jozankei Yuno Machi(定山渓湯の町)
  • Daiichi Hotel Mae(第一ホテル前)
  • Jouzankei Ohashi(定山渓大橋)
  • Jozankei Onsen Higashi 2 Chome(定山渓温泉東2丁目)
  • Jozankei Jinjya Mae(定山渓神社前)
  • Jouzankei(定山渓)
  • Jozankei Shako Mae(定山渓車庫前)

From Jozankei Onsen to New Chitose Air Port: 100 minutes

  • Jozankei Shako Mae(定山渓車庫前): 10:10
  • Jouzankei(定山渓): 10:10
  • Jozankei Jinjya Mae(定山渓神社前): 10:10
  • Jozankei Onsen Higashi 2 Chome(定山渓温泉東2丁目): 10:11
  • Jouzankei Ohashi(定山渓大橋): 10:12
  • Daiichi Hotel Mae(第一ホテル前): 10:13
  • Jozankei Yuno Machi(定山渓湯の町): 10:17
  • Shiraitono Taki(白糸の滝): 10:18
  • Koganeyu(小金湯) (get off and the same below): 10:24
  • Minami Chitose(南千歳)
  • International Terminal
  • New Chitose Air Port

Don’t be late for time schedule. Japanese transportation schedule is very punctual. 

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