Kamuiwakka Hot Spring Falls(カムイワッカ湯の滝)

Kamuiwakka Hot Falls
This place is written as [カムイワッカ湯の滝] in Japanese.

Hot spring water comes from Mt.Shiretoko-Iwozan, an active volcano, flowing into the Kamui-wakka River, so that it is the hot spring river. Kamui referes to God and Wakka means river in Ainu. So Kamui-wakka refers to the river which is sublime and noble for Ainu people. In this area, some falling rocks have often happened, so the local government has banned the entering into the fall for many times.

This is the second falls. No enter this area.



Accidents caused by falling rocks occur each year at Kamuiwakka Falls! Kamuiwakka Hot Spring Fall has become famous and visitors come from throughout Japan during the season. It is so exciting to climb up the hot-water falls. However, this river remains in completely untouched nature and there are no facilities to ensure your safety and comfort. This is some hard mountain climbing and visitors who wish to climb the Fall, must have basical knowledge and skills for climbing river gorges.

  1. Walking in the river is very slippery.
  2. Keep both hands free in case of falling.
  3. Do not climb higher than the No.1 Falls(一の滝).
  4. Do not use any installed ropes that you might see. *1
  • *1 There are no facilities whatsoever for making Kamuiwakka River easier to climb, but some people have installed construction ropes and other equipment at the falls. We cannot guarantee their safety. Rangers and other nature conservation personnel are spposed to remove these items if they find them. After all, do not use them if you see them.
  • *Mobile phones do not work in the gorge. It will take at least 30 minutes for an ambulance to get there after calling.