Hokkaido Jingu in winter

Hokkaido Jingu is familiar for sightseeing spot than ever. There are many tourists and local visitors even if in winter.

From new year’s day, it has been crowded with the people who are trying to win their entrance examination for high schools or universities.

Many of them get an Ema (a votive horse tablet) for having their wish granted and hang it  on the rack.

Many Emas on the right two racks.

Of course they don’t forget to draw a Omikuji(fortune) and bind it on the Omikuji rack or tree. 

Omikuji for 100 yen

Japanese love to go to the shrine or temple for making a wish or expressing their gratitude for accepted wishes. After beginning of March, examination result announcement will be lasting. Hokkaido Jingu is going to be more flourish.