Hina Doll Festival 2020 In Tanaka Sake Brewery

This place is written as [田中酒造雛まつり] in Japanese.

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About Hina Doll Festival

3rd March is the day for girls which is called “Hina matsuri(雛祭り=ひなまつり)”. When a family have a girl, they are usually going to display a hina-dolls set from mid-February to 3rd March.

Tanaka Sake Brewery is holding Hina Doll Festival(ひなまつり) every year.

It is usual that a hina-doll set has been inherited from her mother or family. Of course, there is a case that a family has the first girl, usually their grandpa or grandma are delighted to buy a brand-new Ohinasama set for their lovely grandchild with grateful joy.

Tanaka Sake Brewery exhibits many hina dolls which has been put away in home where their daughter grew up and not to exhibit in their home. Some highly wrought Hina dolls are very expensive more than 200,000 yen at least. So they don’t want to throw it away but their daughter don’t want to bring it for display in her home. Because her house is smaller than the parents’ one, so they feel hina doll burden and their parents donate them public facilities such as children’s hall or some companies which are trying to protect Japanese traditional culture. Tanaka Sake Brewery is one of them.

Tanaka Sake Brewery has some events and special sake for the festival. Why don’t you go there and experience Japanese traditional festival.


  • 7 February – 3 March 2020
  • 9:00-18:00


There are two venues, Kikkogura and Main Branch of Tanaka Sake Brewery.

Tanaka Sake Brewery Kikkogura(亀甲蔵)

  • Doburoku Festival(どぶろく祭り2020) is also held
  • 7-11 February 2020
  • 9:00-18:00

Tanaka Sake Brewery Main Branch(田中酒造本店)

This is the main branch of Tanaka Sake Brewery. There are also many hina dolls set which of them was made in hundred years ago. This is worth visiting. 

Photos From Kikkogura