Hasegawa Store’s Yakitori Bento is No.1(ハセガワストア ベイエリア店)

This place is written as [ハセガワストア ベイエリア店] in Japanese.

In Hakodate, when it comes to Convenience Bento, fast foods by convenience store, you should go to Hasegawa Store. This is so nice and delicious and cheap.

It is very familiar for not only local people also tourists to get some Yakitori Bento at Hasegawa store. Hasegawa Store is the most famous convenience store in Hakodate. They cook and sell Yakitori Bento. There are many combos for Yakitori and rice. In the Bay Area, The main branch of Hasegawa Store is here.

Lucky Piero is just next to Hasegawa Store. You couldn’t decide which shop to take. Both of them don’t let you down.

These two foods are typical soul foods of Hakodate city.