Harvest Vazar, Sapporo Autumn Fest 2015 in Odori 6 Chome

This place is written as [さっぽろオータムフェスト2015 大通6丁目] in Japanese.

Harvest Vazar(はーべすとバザール) in Odori 6 chome. This site is for showing local foods and special items such as sweets from near Sapporo area and small towns in Hokkaido. 

You’ll find many foods and items you’ve never known. Beer and wine bar, of course whiskey such as Nikka, world wide famous brewery in Yoichi.

Seafoods and meat, pizza, sweets like cake and curries are available. Don’t miss it. This is fun!

  • 11 September to 4 November
  • 10:00 – 20:30







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