Fu’s Snow Area

This place is written as [フッズスノーエリア] in Japanese.

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About Fu’s Snow Area

Fu’s Snow Area is a public snow and ski facility by Sapporo city. Luge course is settled in the west side of no.1 lift where Sapporo Olympic Game was held here and this luge course is one of its legacy.

Lift fare is the cheapest one in Sapporo because of public facility by Sapporo city.

This is very nice ski area for beginners and advanced. There are many classes for skiing, luge and skeleton. Rental ski set or other equipments and goods are available.

They have free shuttle bus from Makomanai station, so that visitors can access easily from Sapporo central area. Jozankei is very close from here, just 15-20 minutes by bus or car.


  • the beginning of December 2019 to 31st March 2020
  • 9:00-21:00


Free shuttle bus
  • Take a Nanboku line to Makomanai (last station) and transfer free shuttle bus or take a taxi, which is about 2,000 yen.
  • Parking: free

Free Shuttle Bus Time Table

From Makomanai To Fu’s
9:00 9:30
11:15 11:45
14:15 14:45
16:00 16:30
17:30 18:00
From Fu’s To Makomanai
10:30 11:00
13:30 14:00
15:15 15:45
16:45 17:15
19:00 19:30
21:00 21:30

Lift Fare

*(): child under 15 years old

  • one-time ticket: 250 yen(200)
  • 12 ticket book: 2,500 yen(2,000)
  • 2 hours: 1,200 yen(1,000)
  • 3 hours: 1,800 yen(1,600)
  • 4 hours:2,200 yen(1,900)
  • 6 hours: 2,600 yen(2,300)
  • 1 day(9:00-16:00): 3,000 yen(2,700)
  • Night(16:00-21:00): 1,500 yen(1,200)
  • Night(18:00-21:00): 900 yen(700)


  • rental ski set, snow board, bikeboard, sledge, wear, cap, globe and so on.
  • luge course

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