Did you know Free Wifi at Ishiya Cafe in Odori?


A brand-new building at the corner of N1W3, Ishiya Seika, one of the famous confectionery company in Hokkaido, Ishiya Cafe is opened at the underground street of Odori Koen for Sapporo station called ‘Chikaho’. Also open cafe is placed at the ground floor, in front of the Ishiya building. There is no indication for Free Wifi, but you can use it easier. Just go there, find and select SSID ‘ISHIYA Cafe’. That’s all! You don’t need to send your email and set a password. There is no other option except finding and selecting its SSID. This is the best way for tourists who have no time to do such a messy job. It is true that there are many Free Wifi in Japan. But Most of them require users sending email and setting password. This is really troublesome, more there is no English manual, so you cant finish setting Free Wifi. Even if you would connect a network after 20 minutes efforts for setting, you might be showed some advertisements which you don’t want to see. This is the real situation of  ‘Free Wifi’ in Japan. In such a terrible situation, this is beautiful isn’t it? Go Ishiya Cafe and take your time enjoying on-line with a cup of coffee.