Free Wifi Access in Chikaho, From Sapporo Station To Odori


Chikaho Free Wifi

Do you know Free Wifi Access available in ‘Chikaho’, Sapporo Underground Walking Space. This is a public free wifi presented by Sapporo City. See this article,’Other Free Wifi in Odori Area, Sapporo‘ when you try it. Very easy to use. After you select SSID:wifisapporo, you need sign up and send your email for the first time. This is the point. All instruction is available in this article above,’Other Free Wifi in Odori Area, Sapporo‘.


Googlemaps in Chikaho

Yesterday, I tested its free wifi access and I realized it easy and useful. Available range is very wide, from the south entrance of Subway at Sapporo Station to the Odori Station. A nice network speed and I tried to see Googlemaps. Here is the result. You can see your location at the underground street,Chikaho. This is really nice, isn’t it? There are many open cafes and public space at Chikaho. You can have a seat and search what you want to see and go. Please try Fleemy when you do. o(*^▽^*)o