Farm Tomita, the leading tourist farm in Hokkaido.

This place is written as [ファーム富田] in Japanese.

Farm Tomita made Furano famous as the place of lavender. The founder, Tadao Tomita and his wife, Sachiko started a lavender farm now named ‘Traditional lavender Farm’ in Nakafurano town, indeed Farm Tomita is located in Nakafurano that takes 15 minutes by car from Furano city.


  • 2 hours and 10 minutes by car from Sapporo
  • TEL +81-167-39-3939 FAX +81-167-39-3111

a main house and cafeWhen you get to Farm Tomita, you will see a building and parking left side before Farm Tomita. These facilities and a big melon advertisement balloon is outstanding which is not Farm Tomita’s.

melon-balloon1This balloon is destroying Nakafurano’s beautiful scenery. This is quite a sad monument and I really hate this kind of advertisement.

lavender1From early blossom lavenders to late ones, Farm Tomita is peak from July to August. If you miss these season, you will see other flowers.

flower-garden1The fields are constructed with themes as season or colors.


observation-deck1You might see a beautiful scenery from a observation deck.

observation-deck2In this early morning, the fog are covered the Tokachi mountains far from here.



The house of lavender perfume, shops and cafes, these facilities are very comfortable design and space which are matched around the fields and hills.





Farm Tomita makes you feel summer of Hokkaido and the forgettable place you stay in.

Farm Tomita