Japanese Towel, Tenugui Shops in Sapporo

This place is written as [濱文様] in Japanese.

Japanese traditional towel is called “Tenugui”(手ぬぐい)which means drying hands with something. Its Material is usually cotton and not thick like a towel. It is just like a thin cloth.

But most of them are cool design dyed with traditional and modern. Very compact size and weight like a handkerchief.

Sometimes old traditional firms like a Sake brewery or shops have their private brand and designed one. That’s really cool.

We show you where to find your favorite one. Tenugui is not expensive and suitable for Japanese souvenir.


Hamamonyo is located in PASEO Center B1F, Sapporo station shopping area. There are many Japanese traditional goods such as Tenugui, Furoshiki, stationeries and so on.

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