Tsudome Site Events: Sapporo Snow Festival 2020

This place is written as [つどーむのイベント] in Japanese.

revised on 31st Jan 2020.

There are many events and activities at Tsudome site of Sapporo Snow Festival 2020. This is really nice and fun for not only children but also adults. You can experience several kind of playings on the snow-world.

Tsudome Site will open from 31st January to 11th February 2020. 


see this page: How to get to Tsudome Site, Sapporo Snow Festival

Outdoor Events

Don-be-e Cup Noodle Tube slider presented by Nisshin Foods


  • Age: 4 years old and above
  • 7m height and 70m long
  • Numbered ticket will be distributed for riding Saturday, Sunday and holiday from the 301st visitors after 300 visitors of first-come-first served basis due to expected too many visitors. Only 2,000 tickets are available.
  • 9:00 (2,000 tickets), 11:00 (1,000 tickets), 13:00 (1,000)
  • Open free riding as soon as if no ticket holder.
  • No ticket on weekday.

Kita no Don-be-e Ya Rest House presented by Nisshin Foods

This is a small both for warming. They sell several cup noodles which you enjoy. 

Family Tube slider

You can enjoy two types of slider where you ride on tsube with your kids. 

  • Age: all

Snowball Challenger

Enjoy to throw snowball to the targets on the snow field.

Centolea Waku Waku Snow Park

  • This is the place for playing in the snow
  • for little children
  • snow tonnel, making snowman, snow labyrinth and play field.
  • free rental goods and items for playing

Into The Snow for Photographing

Buried with snow by yourself. Free rental coat is available.

Making A Ice Glass

  • 500 yen
  • closed at 16:00 

Watching Snow Crystal

you can look at the falling snow crystal by a special rupe magnifying glass.

Snow Kick Board

You can experience to ride a snow kich board.

Into The Snow II for Photographing

Snow wall dug up like a human figure where you fit into. That is really fun.

Snow Sculpture for Citizens


snow sculptures made by Sapporo citizens.

Snow Object Contest

The Contest by high school students. It starts at 8:30 and end to 15:00 on 31st January.

Welcome Statue

  • many many snowmans by local which has their message for visitors.

Ice Slider

This is for infants and tandem riding with parents is available.

Snow Park Golf

6 holes on the snow field

  • free rental golf goods

Sledge Slope

Playing slope for your sledge.

Snow Kids Adventure

You can enjoy snow strider, snow racer and snow scute on small slope. 

  • Age: 2-5 years old

Mini Snow Foot Golf

This is mixed with football and golf.

Yuki Matsuri Cafe

Fast foods and drinks

Eco Feel Snow Rafting

Rafting boat pulled by snowmobile.

  • Adults: 700 yen
  • 12 and below: 500 yen

Rest House Guranoya By Calbee

free rest house and sampling events on weekend.

Indoor Events

Stage Show

  • Yosakoi and popular character show
  • Idoles live stage

Tsudome Kids Park

  • many attractions
  • 2 hours ticket: 1800 yen on weekday

Tsudome Hot Cafe by Coca-Cola

hot drinks and fast foods.

Yukiiku Hiroba

You can learn about snow life and culture in Hokkaido.

PR Sites by Suponcers


Baggage Claim

  • 9:00-17:00
  • 300 yen / day

Yuki Matsuri Chaya Tea Shop By Yoshikawa Shokuhin

Japanese tea and sweets.

Tsudome Restaurante and Cafe

Curry, crepe and other foods.

Hokkaido Gourmet


Pockemon Center in Tsudome

many events and goods selling

  • Feb 1, 2, 8-11
  • 9:00-17:00

NHK Yukinko Festa 2020

Hokkaido is the kingdom of Dinosaur and Foods. There are many experiencing programs and events for kids.  

  • 1-9 Feb 2020
  • 9:00-17:00