The Old Good Days’ Black Heavy Machine: The Steam Locomotive #9643

No.9643 by Kawasaki Zosen

The Steam Locomotive #9643 The series of #9600 had been made by Kawasaki Zosen-jo(docyard) for 14 years from 1913, those amount were 770 locomotives. It has a big boiler, a logical short funnel and two drams settled low position, which made #9643 do heavy duties. In Hokkaido, #9643 pulled not only freight cars but also passenger car or coal trains. It had especially demonstrated power for clearing away snow in the winter. Many railfans called #9643 ‘Kyuroku’ and they loved it. The 9643 was made in Nov, 1914 and used all over the Hokkaido. In Jun, 1948, the 9643 was moved from Asahikawa to Teshio, Nisso Teshio mining station and used to carry coal for 20 years. The serial number #152 weight 94.85t length 16.563m power 870ps

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