Susukino Site Ice statues in Sapporo Snow Festival 2015

There are many ice sculputures in Susukino site of Sapporo Snow Festival. It takes 10 minutes walking from Odori site. Of course, you may take a subway, Nanboku line to Susukino. Susukino is the most popular entertainment area in Sapporo like Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku. Not only girls bars but also Japanese style restaurant, ‘Izakaya’ are there. You have to pay attention for going to a girls bar. Some are illegal and they are going to claim immoderate charge for your drinks and foods plus girls’ Omotenashi. Izakaya ia very nice and comfortable, but it is usually noisy. If you don’t mind it, this is a good choice for dinner. Many splendid ice statues are waiting for you.


  • Take a Nanboku line or Toho line to Susukino
  • 10 minutes walking from Odori Park(You can access by walking in underground shopping street, ‘Pole Town’.)

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