Saturday Night Zoo in Maruyama Zoo, Sapporo

Every Saturday, Maruyama Zoo is opened at night from Jul, 19 to Aug, 30 2014 and during Obon, Aug, 14 to 15, also opened. It is a very exciting opportunity for visitors to see animals who have the nocturnal habit. The Zoo opens daytime usually, you seem to look sleeping animals because of their behaviour. There are many special events in the Zoo during Night Zoo, a quiz game, a mystery tour, presents for couples(high school or college students) and so on. As very popular Night Zoo, there should be a terrible traffic jam around Maruyama Zoo, so you should go by subway and bus or walk.


Aug, 9 2014: The night for Students

This is the day for high school students and college students.

  • Heart’s beat experience.
  • Quiz Game
  • Mystery tour
  • Presents for couples
  • Internet events
  • Maruyaman showtime

Aug, 14 2014: Girl Zoo Night

This is the day for girls.

  • Heart’s beat experience.
  • Nail art
  • Ice sculpture performance
  • special ice candy at Re di ROMA
  • a special service at Zoo garden
  • Maruyaman showtime

Aug, 15 2014: Suprise night

  • Heart’s beat experience.
  • Street performing
  • Ice sculpture performance
  • Maruyaman showtime

Aug, 16 2014: The night for Ice and Lights

  • Heart’s beat experience.
  • Mist and light-up performance
  • Ice sculpture performance
  • Maruyaman showtime

Aug, 23 2014:Reptilia and Art night

  • Heart’s beat experience.
  • Talk show of breeding staffs
  • Jomon dram performance with visual
  • Sapporo City JAZZ and wine bar
  • Maruyaman showtime

Aug, 30 2014: Night Zoo Final and Cinema Night

  • Heart’s beat experience.
  • Sapporo International Short Movie Festival for children programs
  • Mystery tour
  • Maruyaman showtime

Night Zoo Open Hours

  • until 21:00
  • last enter: 20:30



  • Take a Tozai Line to Maruyama Kouen(円山公園).
  • EXIT from No.2.
  • Take a bus(円15 動物園線) to Maruyama Zoo(動物園前) or a bus(円14 荒井山線) to Sogo-Ground-Mae(総合グランド前).


  • To walk, EXIT from No.3 for Maruyama Park(円山公園), Maruyama Zoo(円山動物園), Hokkaido Jingu(北海道神宮)
  • 15min walking through the Maruyama Park.


  • Take a Taxi if there are more than 3 people, just 3 min.

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