Sapporo Snow Festival 2016 opens on 5th February

All sites has been already in ready. Tsudome site where you can enjoy several huge snow sliders, extends its session more 7 days than usual.

The weather is going to be nice, which means cold and chilly, so that snow statues are going to be maintained in good condition. Last year, ruthless rain struck a big damage on ice sculptures in Susukino site. They are all destroyed three days after. This is really sad for not only tourists also citizens of Sapporo city.

Many from foreign countries brought some good things to Sapporo Snow Festival. First, they are helping a huge budget for festival. It is a trend that snow sites has many booths for foods or souvenir which get in the way for looking snow statues. It is difficult to say beautiful.

Although so, we are happy to see the big winter festival this year again. Go Sapporo Snow Festival, it’s fun!


Odori 4 chome east side.







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