Sapporo Snow Festival 2015 Odori 5 Chome – 8 Chome

Odori 5 Chome East

Environment Square: Alice’s Adventure in Snowland Derived from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The puppet show collaborated with opera will be held on the stage.

Odori 5 Chome West

Mainichi Ice Square: Taiwan HSING TIAN KONG, Xingtian Temple This is one of the most popular temple in Taipei, Taiwan devoted to Guan Yu(関羽,162-219). He valued faithfulness everything else, that’s why he was called the Holy Bravery(武聖) and the god for business because he was the first one featuring abacus and account book for counting. It is said that many people are visiting the temple for making a wish for their success.

Odori 6 Chome

Citizen’s Square: Unesco Terakoya Project Educational character, Chukkin, Ohhon and Yupporo are presenting the Terakoya project by Unesco which is planning to build schools in Cambodia. Hokkaido Winter Food Park presenting several local foods in Hokkaido.

Odori 7 Chome

HBC Philippines Square: Manila Cathedral Manila Cathedral is the most valuable catholic temple in Philippines that was allowed to show the emblem of Vatican when Ioannes Paulus PP. II visited in 1981.

Odori 8 Chome

HTB Square: Kasuga Taisha Shrine middle gate Kasuga Taisha is the World Heritage in Nara prefecture, Japan. Kasuga Taisha has an annual reform every 20 years and next 2015 is the year for reforming the main building. The new building will be finished in the next year, 2016. This is the pre-demonstration and marketing for reforming shrine.

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