Sapporo Snow Festival 2015: Odori 1 Chome – 4 Chome

Odori 1 Chome

J:COM Square A Skate Rink with a big tree for little children to adults. The Center Tree and TV Tower are lighten up at night. This was very nice and popular attraction last year and come back again.

Odori 2 Chome

Doshin Ice Square A big Ice statue named ‘Toy Town‘, which represents happiness imaging the world of toy box. There are many stuffed animals showing their faces from toy boxes which bring happiness every one who come.

Odori 3 Chome

HTB PARK AIR Square: Shiroikoibito PARK AIR Jump Stadium Acrobatic Ski Jump attraction.

Odori 4 Chome

STV Square: STAR WARS in Snow Featuring a coming  new Star Wars: The Force Awakens in late 2015, a big snow statue of Star Wars will be coming. This is the first one authorized by Lucasfilm. Darth Vader on the right side and Storm trooper on the left. TIE Fighter and Death Star behind them.


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