Matsumae Sakura Festival Start on April 29 2015(松前桜祭り)

This place is written as [松前さくらまつり] in Japanese.

Matsumae announced Sakura blooming on April 19 and the famous Matsumae Sakura Festival start on April 29. It ends on May 20.

There are more than 250 types of Sakura and 10,000 trees in Matsumae. You might find Matsumae like Kyoto walking in historical town.

You can enjoy to see Sakura for a month.


  • April 29 : Musha Gyoretsu(武者行列) (Samurai procession)
  • May 2-8 : Spring Products Festival of Matsumae
  • May 3 : Matsumae folk entertainment
  • May 4 : Mikoshi(carrying a portable shrine)
  • May 10 : Yokai watch Japanyan variety show
  • May 11 : The opening of Hachijyu Hakkasho


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