Matsumae Park [松前公園] : Cherry Blossoms in Hokkaido

This place is written as [松前公園の桜] in Japanese.
city/town Matsumae(松前)
from April 24
admission free
open 24 hours
close none
festival Matsumae Sakura Festival from April 29 to May 20
access Take a JR bus via Tatsumae at JR Kikonai Station to Matsushiro(松城) and 7min walk.
tel 0139-42-2726
related article Matsumaejo, Matsumae Castle(松前城), The Most Northan Castle in Japan
  • Best 100 cherry-blossoms in Japan
  • around Matsumae Castle
  • about 10,000 charry-blossoms
  • looking available for a month