Making Sapporo Snow Festival 2016 in Progress

Today, 15 Jan 2016,

Sapporo Snow Festival 2016 has been under construction. It starts from 5 Feb and ends on 11 Feb or 18 Feb in Tsudome site.

We are going to show you Odori site now in progress.

4Cho-me site, Shingeki no Kyojin

This could be a head of ‘Kyojin’.

There is very few snow in Sapporo this year. 

5 Chome site east. This statue is the theatre themed Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale. 15 minutes stage is performed on the stage during the festival.

Opposite side 5 Chome site west , Ice statue, Queen’s Head from Taiwan.

ssf2016-01-15-7 ssf2016-01-15-8

6Chome site. This place is for visitors who rest and have hot drinks and foods. Many shops and booths will be lined. The site is named ‘Paku Park Snow Pavilion’. ‘Paku’ means eating in Japanese, so that this place’s theme is for Foods of Hokkaido.

7 chome site HBC square. HBC is the oldest local broadcast company in Hokkaido. They make a historical building over the world every year traditionally. This year, Ruins of St. Paul’s is their theme. 

ssf2016-01-15-11 ssf2016-01-15-12 ssf2016-01-15-13 ssf2016-01-15-14

8 Chome site. This site is the stage for New Hokkaido Shinkansen, which is coming in this spring, 26 March from Hakodate to Tokyo. 


Where is snow? Unbelievable, it is.


ssf2016-01-153 Chome site. Shiroi Koibito Park Air Jump.

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