Let’s Go to Local Food Booths in Sapporo Snow Festival 2015

There are many local food booths in Odori venues in Sapporo Snow Festival 2015. Recently number of snow or ice statues is declining year by year due to withdrawal of sponsors. Hokkaido economy has been weak for a decade, which causes the way something for Snow Festival ought to be. This is one of the solution for new style of Sapporo Snow Festival. Some people say, ‘There is few snow statue except food shops’. But this is not wrong for visitors. People can enjoy to stay in Odori park for not only watching statues also take some foods and hot drinks. There were few shops for hot drink and foods in the past. It would be very nice and acceptable for everyone. Let’s enjoy several kind of local foods from Hokkaido. It don’t let you down, I swear.

Access to food booths and official shops

Odori 1 – 11 Chome

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