How to Get on Kappa Liner, Direct Bus for Jozankei Onsen and Hoheikyo Onsen

Due to reservation priority for Kappa Liner, you need to make a reservation the previous day until 17:00. But if there are vacant seat, you can get on without a reservation. 

How to get the bus terminal at Sapporo Station

Go to the entrance at ESTA B1, you will see the bus terminal stairway No.7-12 and go up.

You will see the ticket booth just in front of you. Get your ticket. 


You can access from ESTA 2nd floor entrance.

Step down to the ground floor. 

Go to No.12 bus stop.

Sometimes, Kappa Liner would be delay due to traffic jam, especially weekend and holiday or in winter. You couldn’t find a bus on time there.

How about your lunch on the bus?

Why don’t you have your lunch or snack before you get on the bus? It takes 60 minutes to Jozankei Onsen which is enough time to take a light meal. 

There are many delicatessens in ESTA B1. You can find some favorite food shops there, sandwich, chinese foods, sushi, yakitori and so many foods to go.

They are reasonable price and delicious. Every deli don’t let you down, I swear.